Volkswagen ID.3

The VW ID3 is a game-changer in the global switch to electric vehicles, a family-sized EV at a sensible price that can be directly comparable to combustion-engined alternatives. In Volkswagen history, there have been two major eras, the first being the classic Beetle, the second being the company’s biggest-selling model, the VW Golf. The ID3 is the beginning of a new era, the electric era.

This is VW’s first electric car based on their bespoke electric ‘ID concept’ platform, with a variety of battery powers allowing for diverse performances and ranges to suit your needs. With a driving range of up to an amazing 336 miles, the ID3 battery packs will be sure to take you from A to B comfortably.

Owning an ID3 will ensure you can appreciate a quick performance, sharp manoeuvrability and cutting-edge cabin tech, all contained in a fabulous futuristic and stylishly modern design. The ID3 is a great leasing alternative to rivals like the Renault ZOE and the BMW i3, being that it is slightly larger and boasts the classic ‘engine’ at the back, just like the old Beetles.

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