Guide to Personal Car Leasing

Personal car Leasing gives you a cost-effective way to lease a car that’s easy to manage and doesn’t tie up lots of your money.

How it Works

Choose a vehicle to fit your budget, a lease period that suits your needs (usually between 24 and 60 months), and agree an annual mileage limit.

Lease the car for a fixed monthly fee, with a fixed payment up front typically 3, 6 or 9 payments. You can also take out a maintenance agreement (at an additional cost).

You can use the vehicle as if it were your own, although the finance provider still legally owns it. You just need to remain within the agreed mileage limit and look after the vehicle according to a ‘fair wear and tear’ policy, which we will provide you with.

At the end of the personal car lease, simply hand the car back. Personal lease funding does not provide the option to purchase your vehicle at the end of your agreed period.

If you do end up driving more miles than planned, you’ll need to pay an excess mile charge.

The Benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments for easy budgeting
  • No need to tie up lots of your money that you could be doing other things with
  • Drive the best new cars
  • A small layout up front – typically just 3, 6 or 9 months initial rental
  • No need to worry about the second hand value as the funder will take all the risk of depreciation
  • Hassle free when you take our full service maintenance option

Is Personal Contract Hire right for you?

Decide whether Personal Personal Car Leasing is right for you:
It may suit you – if you do predictable mileage, like being able to budget for fixed monthly payments and do not want to outlay large amounts of money

It may not suit you – if your mileage is unpredictable or you think there’s a chance you may not return the vehicle in a condition the BVRLA deem acceptable within its ‘fair wear and tear’ guide.

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