Is Leasing right for me?

Below are the biggest advantages of leasing and the disadvantages to allow you to consider if leasing is right for you, we want you to be certain that leasing is exactly what you want:


  • Simple, you pay a monthly and then when your contract has finished you just hand the car back
  • No risk of the car price going down over the time you use it and you losing money as the car is not your – this is someone else's problem
  • Car can always be in warranty for the length of time you have the car
  • Road tax and breakdown cover included
  • Servicing can be added to your contract giving you total peace of mind
  • Lowest possible upfront and monthly costs for a brand new car (particularly for premium brands)


  • You do not own the car
  • You have to understand and stick to a mileage limit (excess mileage charges can apply, typically 12p/mile)
  • You must hand the car back in good condition (see looking after your lease car/end of contract)