Looking after your car lease

Whether you decide to include maintenance in your lease or not it’s important that your new car is properly maintained. This will ensure it’s not only always safe to drive but will also help ensure it’s less expensive to run.

Here at Pure Vehicle Leasing we have come up with some simple things you can do to keep your car roadworthy:

Regular Checks

We would advise that the following are checked weekly:

  • Tyre pressures
  • Engine oil level
  • Windscreen washer fluids
  • Radiator and coolant levels
  • Check windscreen for chips and cracks
  • Operation of the vehicles lights

Servicing and Maintenance

Regular maintenance and servicing should be carried out by a franchised dealer or an authorised agent according to the manufacturer’s. In addition, any defects or damage that occurs during normal vehicle usage should be rectified as soon as practically possible. This will ensure that the potential consequential damage is minimised.


It is important to make sure the key is always kept in a safe place and away from the spare. Car thieves will often target the key as an easy way of stealing vehicles because car manufacturers now achieve very high levels of security. When your car goes back both keys need to be returned, and if you lose one with modern key technology a replacement could cost hundreds of pounds.


It’s important that both the interior and exterior of the car is cleaned regularly to maintain the appearance of the car. It’s also worth polishing your car around 3-4 times a year to help reduce the effects of stone chips, remove traffic film and ultimately make cleaning easier.


If you notice any damage to the paint it is important that it is repaired as soon as possible, especially when the damage has penetrated the base coat or has caused corrosion. If you speak to your local dealer’s parts department they should be able to supply touch-up paint at a reasonable cost.

Badges and Sign Writing

All Advertising or sign writing should be fitted so that is can be easily removed without damaging any part of the bodywork or paint.

Owners Handbooks

Most if not all manufactures supply an owner’s handbook and for some this is now included in the media system. Always read this prior to using your vehicle and refer to should you ever have a query or operational issue. If you are still unsure then speak to your local dealer.

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