Hybrid & Electric Offers

Leasing an electric or hybrid car is now a perfect option. With increases in battery efficiency, manufacturers committing to full electrification and a government target to have all new cars electric by 2030 opting for leasing an electric or hybrid car has never been a sounder option.

Demand for electric and hybrid cars has surged recently – a nearly 30% increase in electric and hybrid vehicles was recorded in 2020. This is set to continue throughout the next few years with many manufacturer's making bold commitments to electrification.

Manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Mini, Tesla, Volvo, Nissan and Porsche have all brought out new electric and hybrid models in recent months.

So it has never been a better time to lease an electric or hybrid vehicle from Pure Vehicle Leasing. If you have any questions relating to Electric or Hybrid Leasing please call us on 01603 859022 or email info@purevehicleleasing.co.uk, and we will provide you a free, no obligation quote on any electric or hybrid lease deals.

Which is the type for you?

100% Electric (EV)

With no harmful emissions, zero CO2, advanced batteries and an improving UK infrastructure an EV lease could be your perfect car.

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Combustion engine and an advanced plug-in hybrid battery, a PHEV lease is the best of both worlds with economy and range combined.

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