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Leasing is an incredible way to be able to drive a new van for either a small or no initial outlay and very often less than you might think. Leasing is no different to renting any product, you simply use of the vehicle for an agreed period for which you pay a set monthly amount, this allows you to drive a new van and gives you the ability to always be inside the manufacturer warranty period giving you peace of mind (subject to contract length). Once you have agreed the mileage that you will be driving each year your monthly rental value will be fixed, but you still have control of the monthly payment by increasing or decreasing your initial rental, the higher the initial rental the lower your monthly payments giving you more control of your outgoings.

A tremendous benefit with leasing is that you will never need to worry about the resale value, leasing is the only form of van funding where you have no risk. With leasing a lot of the stress of financing your van is removed as you do not own it and therefore do not need to be concerned about the value over time and how you will find the money for your next new van if this one drops in value more than you thought.

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Welcome to Pure Vehicle Leasing

Welcome to Pure Vehicle Leasing, we like to think we are different from some other business’ where you can be treated more like a number than a paying customer we believe in good old fashioned customer service. Our expert team are trained professionals that are at your service to advise and treat you as they would like to be treated themselves. We partner with the best finance companies and supply the finest brands.

We are proud members of the BVRLA, the UK trade body for companies engaged in vehicle Leasing, one of the BVRLA’s primary functions is to care for you, our membership provides you with reassurance that you are dealing with a company that adheres to the highest possible standards of professionalism, service and fairness. Not only are we full members of the BVRLA but we are authorised and regulated by the FCA, the FCA protect you the consumer and promote competition within the financial sector for the whole of the UK.

As a customer focused business we use our vast knowledge and skill to give you what we believe is an industry leading experience, this is clearly shown in our numerous reviews were members of our team are personally named for their exceptional work. We want to help you find the best lease deal that suits you, we want to show you how simple we can make the process for you, but above all we want to get the best price we can for you and make you happy.

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