Audi Q4 E-Tron Leasing

The Q4 E-tron represents the first compact electric SUV in the Audi range and is styled with a contemporary cabin for the Q4 e-tron model range. Choose from the Q4 E-tron SUV or the Q4 E-tron Sportback

The spacious dimensions in the interior yields considerably more knee and legroom and with an array of clever stowage compartments make it the ideal family all-rounder. The futuristic dash has a modern minimalist look with several controls contained within the touch screen and the next generation multi-function steering wheel.

The Q4 e-tron has a bold look with strong, precise lines giving it an assured and sophisticated presence and certainly makes a statement. The high front and wide stance suggest the strength of an SUV, while the enclosed singleframe grille clearly shows it is an electric Audi. The combination of the new cabin design, wide stance and large wheels and the electric fuel type makes this a versatile car to lease.

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