Volkswagen ID4 Review

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Volkswagen ID4 Review


Released in early 2021, the ID4 is certainly a 21st-century machine, living up to its name “Intelligent Design”. Adding an SUV element to the ever-growing and ever-popular ID line in the Volkswagen brand, this car speaks volumes for the direction the electric range is heading. The suave exterior only adds to the power that exudes from “under the hood”, boasting a large battery powering a powerful electric motor, the ID4 is a powerhouse spearheading the Volkswagen brand’s leap into a cleaner and more sustainable future alongside the ID3.

In this article, we will be looking at the different components that make up the ID 4 and Volkswagen's effort to guarantee renewable, clean energy from their new line of Electric vehicles.

Zwickau Plant

Zwickau Plant

Previously a large car factory producing internal combustion engines, the Zwickau Plant has been completely transformed into the largest and most efficient electric car assembly plant in Europe. Take a look inside on their official YouTube channel here.

From 2021, the Zwickau plant will produce six e-models from three Group brands in the final stage of its expansion. The plant is looking to keep expanding its production capacity to build over 1.5 million e-cars per year worldwide from 2025. This means Volkswagens largest and most efficient e-car plant is currently being built in Zwickau, allowing car production to be delivered from the outset with a net-CO2-neutral footprint⁠, even the energy-intensive battery cells will be produced using 100 percent green electricity.

We all know it is not possible to do all of this without producing any emissions whatsoever, so that is why CO2 emissions are avoided and reduced directly at Volkswagen wherever possible and when not possible, they strive to offset the unavoidable with certified climate protection projects such as planting trees.

ID4 Build

ID4 Build, Performance and Range

Taking cues from the ID3, the new design philosophy has left VW’s more modest family-themed aesthetic firmly in the past, giving the new range a modern, sporty and futuristic look while keeping with the functionality of an everyday family car. With a single 201bhp electric motor fed by a 77kWh battery driving the rear wheels, making it powerful but not too much to handle. It averages at around 8.1sec in the 0-60mph tests performed, which is on-par with the Kia e-Niro’s 239kWh battery and makes it a great drive for everyday life.

According to Volkswagen the 77kWh battery officially has a range of 310 miles which is better than rivals such as the Kia e-Niro, Mustang Mach-E and Tesla Model 3.

ID4 Charging

ID4 Charging

As either a personal or business customer, you really can’t go wrong with this car as your first choice, it is economical to buy and run but for business customers, you even get the added bonus of the ID4 costing very little in benefit-in-kind (BiK) tax.

Coming with a three-year/60,000 miles warranty is good but Volkswagen has ensured you get the most out of your car by providing a separate eight-year/100,000 miles warranty for the batteries, meaning you can keep your car and just change the battery when it wears out playing further into the economical benefits of this range and keeping the production and running of these cars as green as possible.

To keep with the push to ensure the ID range is as efficient as possible, VW is planning to release the new Volkswagen ID Charger in 2022 to add a more modern upgrade to the current home charging stations. This new home charger will aim to charge your vehicle faster than using a domestic plug socket, charging a battery from empty to full in around 9.5 hours.

Of course, in the meantime, there are still the traditional ways to charge your car available and you can always choose the more suitable method for you. At home, you charge with alternating current (AC charging) via a household outlet or with the aforementioned optional ID Charger, providing a charging capacity of up to 7.2 kW or 11 kW. Many public charging stations at petrol stations and services also offer fast charging with direct current (DC charging).

ID4 Interior

ID4 Interior and safety

While the exterior of the car is a striking and bold look, the interior is the perfect balance to this adding a minimalist and simplistic layout. It holds very few buttons and switches but still holds onto that very futuristic look as demonstrated by the exterior. Adding to the futuristic theme, VW has made the rather bold decision to have the steering wheel as the main, definitely stand-out feature of the interior by setting it apart as an entirely different colour to the rest of the cabin. This is a bold choice that may not appeal to some, but it certainly adds a further level of depth to the superb design of this car. The steering wheel may be a stand out feature but it is also the main hub to the buttons for the infotainment.

If you find the lack of buttons a little disappointing, then you will definitely be impressed by the sheer amount of safety features available with the ID4. The list includes automatic emergency braking (AEB), lane assist, a driver fatigue monitor, eCall emergency response, automatic high beams and traffic sign recognition, just to name a few. If someone pulls out in front of you or a pedestrian runs into the road in front of you, the brakes will activate and allow you to avoid an unnecessary collision. While the lane-keep assist will stop you from straying into oncoming traffic and prevent you from scraping the crash barriers.

Having been tested by Euro NCAP and receiving a five-star rating, it is safe to say this car has got your back when it comes to ensuring the safety of you, your passengers and children occupants with a fantastic rating for all. If you want to know more about the NCAP rating, the NCAP site shows one of the tests of a front-on collision leaving the passenger cabin intact, with the front-end absorbing all the impact and damage, you can see this here.


This car is a fantastic ambassador of the green and eco-friendly car market and has definitely earned the title of “World Car of the Year 2021” which it won back in April. The ID.4 is a strong candidate for anyone moving to the electric car market and if you need something roomy, safe and comfortable for the whole family it is a fantastic choice.