The end of Lockdown? Let’s go out out.

By Pure Vehicle Leasing
The end of Lockdown? Let’s go out out.

As restrictions of the UK’s lockdown start to ease, we can once again start thinking about meeting up and planning holidays! Whether this just a get together with friends and family locally or a plan to drive the Scotland 500 in a ‘Grand Tour’ style, we want to make sure you turn up in the best vehicle for the task!

Therefore, here’s our top 4 cars for coming out of Lockdown.

1. The Sporty choice – BMW 4 Series Coupe


Having moved out of the shadow of its 3 Series cousins, the 4 Series is now a force to be reckoned with. It’s a little bigger, a little faster and a little cleverer than its stable mates at Audi and Mercedes. The driving experience is dynamic and feels real – on the open road the drive is a as visceral as you can get. It has a low centre of gravity, technology to help you hold the corners and it comes in at less than £390 per month with Pure Vehicle Leasing. While you can just lease the car for its looks you are also getting a vehicle with an impressive safety record and great fuel economy.

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2. The Family choice – Volkswagen Tiguan


The family SUV has a lot of roles to fill. It must be spacious, of a high build quality, economical to run, good on tarmac and good off-road. Oh, and it needs to be affordable. Volkswagen understands this more than most, so they gave us the Tiguan and many families are eternally grateful ever since. With a price range of £235 per month upwards the Tiguan offers a stylish, reliable family car that is a pleasure to drive and affordable to run. It will look good on the drive and picking the kids up from after school.

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3. The Green choice – Kia e-Niro

KIA E-NIRO Long Range

What to drive and still save the planet? With electrification being possibly the most important advance in recent history, it is hard to find a practical car that can be used on a day-to-day basis, that doesn’t cost the earth and save the planet to boot. This is where the Kia E-Niro comes in. Offering over 200 miles on a full charge it has a clean style, a lot of space and no CO2 emissions. You can use it all day and then charge it overnight ready to do it again! With pricing from £300 per month this will get you out and about again while keeping your CO2 emissions as low as they were in 2020!

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4. The city dweller – Mazda 2 Hatchback


Urban living then you want something nippy and small. Luckily the Mazda 2 lives up to the axiom of 'good things often come in little packages'. It's a small car that's been developed with an extraordinary level of care and as a result, remains a class act. Arguably, no other rival offers a better all-round blend of performance and efficiency, plus latest generation Mazda 2 delivers extra efficiency, smart looks, premium segment features and some lovely quality touches. The price will please as well with Pure Vehicle leasing offering this vehicle from £152 per month. If you thought all superminis were the same, it's well worth trying one of these to see how wrong you are!

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