New BMW i4 demonstrates the sound of electrification

By Pure Vehicle Leasing
New BMW i4 demonstrates the sound of electrification

● New electric soundscape composed by 007 #NoTimeToDie film score creator Hans Zimmer

● Start and stop sounds add depth to emotional relationship with new i4

● New BMW to have 373 mile range when it goes on sale 2021

This is the new BMW i4 Concept, closely resembling the finished i4 Gran Coupe that will launch in 2021.

To be built at BMW Group’s Munich facility following a 200 million euros (£175m ) investment in the plant, the i4 will be a fully battery electric vehicle.

The car will feature an 80kWh battery enabling it to have a range of 373 miles - considerably more than its direct Tesla Model 3 competitor (254 miles for the Standard Plus, and 348 miles in Long Range 4WD designation).

As well as enough range to put range anxiety to rest, the BMW i4 will also feature a range of new sounds that encapsulate the sound of electrification.

The sounds have been composed by German film score composer Hans Zimmer - who is also responsible for the new James Bond film score #NoTimeToDie - and sound designer Renzo Vitale under the brand name BMW IconicSounds Electric.

BMW says its BMW IconicSounds Electric brand will provide BMW’s electric models with extra emotional depth by connecting the driver with the vehicle’s character through individual tones and sounds.

While much of the appeal of an electric car is its near silent operation, the sound cars make can be integral to their emotional appeal.

So BMW IconicSounds Electric has created a start/stop sound for all electrified BMW models from July 2020 - this includes PHEV as well as fully electric models.

Zimmer says he hopes the sound created is “classic yet surprising and has a feeling of lightness that is fitting for the BMW brand”.

The aural repertoire of the BMW Concept i4 stretches from the driving sounds in the Experience Mode ‘Core’ to the more intense tones of ‘Sport’. Acoustic accompaniments to a door opening and when starting the car are likewise part of its soundscape.

The new BMW i4 Concept also introduces many styling themes that we will see on future BMW models. This includes the huge kidney grille, along with the new brand identity while the BMW badge is the new two-dimensional and transparent design.

The new BMW i4 is part of an expanded range of electric vehicles BMW is bringing to market.

While the BMW i3 and i8 are available for leasing now, the BMW i4 will be available from 2021; but the new BMW iX3 SUV should be available for leasing deals from 2020. A larger SUV, currently the iNEXT concept, is due for 2021.

All, though, will feature the new sound of electrification - courtesy of BMW IconicSounds Electric.