Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Being a 'hybrid' vehicle, a PHEV has both a petrol/diesel engine and a medium-sized battery.

On average, PHEVs can be driven about 30 miles on battery power alone. Once the battery runs out of charge, the petrol/diesel engine takes over for the rest of your journey.

How PHEVs work

PHEVs have both a battery range and a petrol/diesel range. It has charging socket, allowing it to be pulled in to charge the battery up easily.

Depending on which model you lease battery range is typically 20-30 miles, but can be as much as 30-40 miles with the newer vehicles.

When the battery has discharged all of its energy, the petrol or diesel engine automatically kicks in, giving you another 250-350 miles of range.

Will it save the environment?

How much you use the battery will depend on various factors including: how many miles you drive each day? How often you charge the vehicle and even where you charge your vehicle.

On average people do 20-30 miles per day in their car. This would mean that the petrol/diesel engine may never be used on the short day-to-day journeys.

Couple this with charging it overnight, when the electric tariffs are cheapest and the car is almost as green as a Pure Electric.

However, don’t forget to check where your electricity comes from! To reduce your carbon footprint you need to make sure that the electricity is generated by renewable energy technologies (wind, solar, wave or tidal). A few UK energy suppliers now offer 100% renewable energy tariffs.

Going the extra mile

Owning the car is the first step but making changes to reduce the overall carbon foot print of the vehicle is the ultimate goal – and it’s not as difficult as you might think!

Firstly, you are going to be using more electricity so look at the tariff you are on currently. Many suppliers now offer tariffs structured around EV drivers.

Secondly, make sure that the electricity you use is from a renewable source. Again, providers now disclose the source of the electricity.

Thirdly, think about solar panels. They can help reduce your overall Electricity usage from the grid and with an EV you are always going to need some electricity so let the sun generate it for you!

Finally, keep he journeys short and look for charging points while you are out. They can be found in car parks, supermarkets, hospitals and most public buildings.

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