Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles (MHEV)

MHEVs have both a traditional combustion engine and a battery. However, the battery is very small, and the vehicle can only travel on battery power alone for short distances and at low speeds. MHEVs can’t be plugged in, so they charge their batteries mainly by using up petrol/diesel in the combustion engine.

Are MHEVs limited on range?

MHEVs have a small battery but are predominantly views as traditional petrol and diesel vehicle. They are just topped up at the filling station.

For this reason, there are, no battery range issues to worry about. The car’s range is largely governed by the size of the fuel tank and how efficient the car’s engine is.

Around town below about 20 mph, you can drive on battery power alone. You’re good for about 1-2 miles before the battery runs out of charge.

MHEVs can’t be plugged-in to charge

There's a lot of confusion about MHEV charging, mainly due to the way they are often advertised as 'self-charging hybrids'.

Pure Electric cars and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) can indeed be charged by plugging them into a charging point

However, a MHEV, has no charging socket and cannot be plugged in.

MHEVs are charged in two main ways: by burning petrol or diesel inside its combustion engine to generate electricity to charge the battery; and/or via regenerative braking.

This is a technique that all types of EV employ to convert the kinetic energy of the vehicle into battery energy when slowing down.

MHEVs – environmental impact ranking

While MHEV do get the bronze medal when compared with Pure Electrics and PHEVs. They do offer a greener solution.

Yes they can only be charged via a filling station but around town, think of the city taxi, it will only use the battery cutting down on noise and fumes. The combustion engine will kick in for those longer rides out of town but it will charge up the battery again for when it returns to the city.

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