Audi A6 Allroad Leasing

The A6 Allroad is an adaptation of the A6 model with the added ability to conquer rugged routes that are typically off-limits to regular estate cars. The four-wheel-drive system allows the A6 Allroad to combine spacious luxury with a fun and useful off-road ability. Height-adjustable air suspension gives the driver increased ground clearance while navigating harder to reach locations and the sharp design means they will look great doing it.

An ergonomically designed driver’s seat with a huge range of electric adjustments helps to aid comfort on long journeys with impressive levels of standard equipment making the A6 Allroad a great choice for an exquisite family car. The A6 Allroad enjoys a beautifully proportioned and spacious cabin allowing for head room and leg room that is 2nd to none in this sector for driver and passengers alike.

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